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Creating Value in Business

Founded in 2020 is an  Enterprise Technology Consulting, Development & IT Services company driven by solid technical minds with creative thinking and a passion for quality and service excellence.
We bring the benefits of ERP Technologies and Cloud based solutions to   Businesses  of all sizes. With a clear Vision of bringing the benefits of Technology advances and Automation to the smallest of Business players, we see ourselves as success enablers and strive to remove the hurdle of huge IT infrastructure  investments to achieve business goals.

Our goal is to provide efficient Business Automation and Management Solutions at an affordable cost.

Our Mission

B e a Growth Enabler for Entrepreneurs and Businesses, 
Bringing the Power of Technology to Achieve New Milestones.

What We Do

Your business largely depends on how well you maintain your business process and its data.

Our comprehensive ERP Services and Cloud Solutions coupled with deep, cross-industry knowledge help  customers to streamline and integrate business processes bringing company wide data on a single platform using cost effective Open Source Solutions.

Business Solutions

ERP Deployment and Development Services

All your enterprise Processes and Data on single Platform. Customized to your work process and future ready.

Business on the

Cloud Deployment and Integration services for Business Applications.  Say No to huge investments in depreciating Hardware.


Know the best fit. Get the right solution
for your Business.

Why Ionic.

Dedicated  Team -
Eperienced Teams with versatile Industry exposure
Customised Solutions -
To fit your exact needs. Developed specifically with your processes in mind.
Robust Onboarding & Support -
With our role based approach we make sure that every Employee and Managment Team is Trained & Onboarded for optimal results.

The Ionic Advantage

                                                                                                  India's First Complete  Remote Work environment

Experienced Customer Focused Team

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Clean Quality Code and Documentation

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Low Infrastructure Costs

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Milestone Based Product Delivery

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The Best Talent Across Geographies

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Do What We Preach

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  Our Vision 

Create Value to our  Customers and in lives of all those associated,
while consistently contributing positively to the Development Community.

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