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PLM - Worksheets - Work orders - MPS - Quality - Maintenance

An modernized solution for production growth.

Master Production Schedule

Track Time - Display Worksheets - Register Production - Integrate
Quality checks - In Process Alerts - Record Serial/lot number

Department - Documentation

  • CRM
  • Engineering - CAD & BOM
    (Bill of Materials)
  • Manufacturing Engineering - Routing, Worksheets, Work-centers.
  • Purchase/Procurement - PO/REQ
  • Inventory Operators - Receipt and Barcode
  • Manufacturing Foremen - MO(Manufacturing Order/Planning)
  • Manufacturing Operators - WO(Work Order) on any device
  • Inventory Operators - Delivery
  • Quality - Alerts/Analysis if any issues in products
  • Maintenance - Preventive / Corrective


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MRP in single software 

Engineering -
PLM, Bill of Materials, Versioning
Manufacturing Engineering -
Routings, Worksheets
Manufacturing -
Planning, Control Panel, Work orders
Supply Chain -
MPS, Routes, Procurement Rules
Quality -
Control Points, Checks (SPC), Alerts
Maintenance -
Equipment Management, Maintenance Requests


Allows to connect tools and machines with work center control panel,
any devices such as barcode scanners and
calibration tools will lead in reduction of errors.
This will help in work optimization.

Inventory Optimize

Use make-to-order rules, minimum stock rules or the master production schedule to automate procurement. Let the scheduler compute everything for you. Use routes, constraints and lead time to optimize inventory level and avoid shortages.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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Reporting & KPIs

All the data you need at your fingertips.
Dynamic reports on everything from costing to traceability, performance analysis,
OEE, and more help you make smarter decisions about your business.

Integrated Apps

All apps for smooth functionality.