ERP-Next Services

Be it small, medium, or large enterprise, Odoo is an all-rounding suite of business tools to attend,
all sorts of business types and requirements. Odoo offers a choice of over a thousand module,
is available in the cloud or on-site and is suited for companies of all sizes

Integrated SUITE of Apps for every Business Process

Way Ahead of the Competition

Unlike competitors Odoo ERP suite is way ahead on every business scale.

While proprietary solutions like SAP, Ms Dynamics or Net-suite are expensive, closed  and infrastructure hungry - Odoo offers all the  functionalities in the most user friendly package.

Odoo Advantage

An App For Every Need

From CRM, Sales, Purchase, E commerce, HR to complex Manufacturing processes - Odoo has an app of all your Business needs.42 - Inbuilt apps
More than 20000 Third party Apps.

Scale As You Go-cloud Ready

Integrate App that can be Scaled as your Business grows. Get your Business process on the  Cloud - Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure.

Completely Open Source

No Licensing Costs - Free, Vendor Independent, Highly Secure, Huge Community, Regular Updates.

Licensed ERP  v/s  Open Source

Huge Licensing Costs &
Closed Source Code

A short description of this great feature.

Company and Vendor dependent 

For release of  features updates and security patches

Vendor dependent Limited 
Third party integrations. 

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No Licensing cost and
Source Code is Open.

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No Vendor / Company  dependency

Huge community to test and develop features, updates etc.

Multiple Options or Freedom get your solution developed. 

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Odoo ERP Services.

Odoo Implementation -

On-premise self hosted or Cloud based implementation, Training On-boarding and Support.
Customization & Development

Customize Odoo to your exact requirements and process. Clean Code and Documentation


Migration from legacy Software's or any ERP to Odoo. We shall get it going.

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