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Ionic brings the benefits of ERP Technologies and Cloud based solutions for Digital Transformation of  Businesses  of all sizes.  With our vendor-agnostic, independent approach to enterprise digital transformation, Ionic is your one-stop-shop for all your digital needs, whether you need help optimizing current systems, selecting new systems, implementing, or integrating them.

Ionic helps assess procure and deploy integrated business systems such as ERP, E-commerce, WMS, HCM, P2P, MES, and CRM.  With our cross industry knowledge Ionic is uniquely positioned to build the digital process architecture for the next phase of your growth. Our expertise in both Proprietary &  Open Source Solutions brings a cost effective mix delivering the best of both the worlds.


Unique Approach

An RoI-driven approach that ensures not just project success but also drives the desired goals delivering actual on-ground results.    

Customer Focus

Your Business goals drive us to devise solutions that ensure a perfect tailored fit to streamline and accelerate every aspect of your Business.

One Stop Shop

From CRM, and HRMS to Ecommerce and Logistics or Last mile delivery - Our solutions encompass company-wide processes. So no more multiple vendors and consultants.

Multi ERP Expertise

From Legacy ERP Solutions like SAP & Ms Dynamix to new age OpenSource Cloud-based ERPSolutions we bring you the benefit of Multi ERP expertise delivering the perfect match.    

Transformation Expertise

Transform your company-wide processes into a completely integrated Digital Enterprise without losing on past data while enhancing Business Intelligence.

Cross Industry Knowledge

Our cross-industry expertise helps us to devise the perfect solution to complex business process problems with ease.

94% of Business
Fail to Use Technology Effectively

Resource Efficiency and Data Driven Decision making can maximize the growth prospects of a Business. Ionic makes this possible. 



Enterprise Digital Transformation

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ERP Selection and Enterprise Architecture Development

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a fully integrated solution with accounting and finance processes embedded across the enterprise including operations and sales. If you are trying to consolidate all your standalone software into one system, you need an ERP.

ERP Implementation and System Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a standalone application to automate your sales and marketing processes. Companies look for CRM software to organize their sales and marketing processes without impacting other areas such as accounting and operations.

Technology Migration

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Resource Optimisation

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Cloud Deployment, Migration & Optimization

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Ensuring Project Success - Delivering Above Expectations

Process Analysis

Analysis of every Business Process to the last user.

ERP Selection & Change Timeline
Tailor fitting with quality code and Documentation.
Development & Customisation

From Management to the last User is onboarded to get the migration successful.


Phase-wise or department-wise deployment with incremental data transfer.

From Management to the last User is onboarded to get the migration successful.
Training And On-Boarding

From Management to the last User is onboarded to get the migration successful.





Integrate and Streamline your business processes with our Comprehensive ERP and Cloud Solutions. Bringing company wide data on a single platform using cost effective Open Source Solutions .


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