Recently we worked with a leading non-profit organization that works to conserve water in rural Maharashtra, India. The organization was founded in 2002 by a group of concerned citizens who were alarmed by the state of the region’s water resources. Since its inception, the NGO has implemented a number of successful water conservation projects, including the construction of water harvesting structures, the distribution of water-saving devices, and the promotion of water-efficient agricultural practices.



Prior to implementing ERPNext, the NGO faced a number of challenges in tracking its projects and volunteers. The organization was using a manual system of maintaining physical registers that was time-consuming and inefficient. For example, it was difficult to track the progress of projects, to manage volunteer schedules, and to generate reports.


In 2022, the NGO decided to implement ERPNext, a cloud-based ERP software solution. ERPNext helped the organization to overcome the challenges it was facing by streamlining the workflow, access controlled forms and heirarchy based work approval. Now ERPNext provides a centralized platform for tracking projects, managing volunteers, and generating reports. This has made it easier for the participants to manage the work and to achieve desired goals.


Since implementing ERPNext, they have seen a number of benefits. For example, the organization has been able to:

      • Improve the efficiency of its operations

      • Increase the transparency of its work

      • Strengthen its financial management

      • Enhance its communication with stakeholders


    ERPNext has been a valuable tool for NGO’s. The software has helped the organization to improve its efficiency, transparency, and financial management..

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